Gauge Plate

All of the standard stock items are available off the shelf.

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The term gauge plate refers to a tolerance being:

Width: +0.2 / -0.00mm
Thickness: +0.05 / -0.00mm
Length: +5.0 / 0.0mm

The most commonly used material grade found in gauge plate is the 01 or Böhler's K460 material. For customer service, Böhler's K460 Gauge Plate is being produced in Gauteng by our Böhler Maching Department. This K460 Gauge Plate is being produced according to European standards which will ensure that our customers always get a top line product. Special size gauge plate (outside of the standard product size range) is available on request. We are proud to be able to cater to our customers needs.

Over the years, the South African Customer base has become comfortable with the idea that there is only one material grade of Gauge Plate. This pre-conceived idea of the single grade is actually not true, Gauge Plate is available in many different grades of material, all of which are available from Böhler Maching. These grades include: K110, S600, M200, M201, W302, W360, N690 etc. In practice, Böhler Machining manufacture Gauge Plate from any grade which is available from Böhler.

This option means that our customer will be able to satisfy more of his needs within this market. i.e. Should customers need a gauge material that require more wear resistance than the K460 grade , K110 Gauge Plate will give added wear resistance.

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