Under our Soudokay range of products, we can supply flux cored wires for hard facing as well as strip for cladding. The range of flux cored wires and solid wires are also available.

Hardfacing is the deposition of a metallic layer on the surface of a piece, in order to increase its resistance to abrasion, impact, corrosion or other wear phenomena.

Products are available to be used with different welding processes: open arc, gas sheilded and submerged arc welding and arc spraying. The intended use can be deduced from the name of each wire. Wires ending by-0, -G, are intended to be welded with an open arc and a gas shieled prrocess respectively. Wires ending by -S, -SA or -SK have been developed for submerged arc welding. Wires ending by -M or -MF are used for arc spraying, where the last F indicates that the deposit can be fused after spraying.

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