Stainless Steel

For the welding of standard and special grades of stainless steel,
Avesta Welding manufactures a wide range of covered electrodes, flux cored wires and solid wires.

Avesta Welding’s extensive research and development activities are closely attuned to the needs and wishes expressed by customers worldwide. The pooling of expertise enables us to give the best possible advice on the selection of stainless steels, welding consumables and methods. All elements of welding operations are always taken into consideration.

Covered Electrodes

Manual metal arc welding, MMA, is a flexible method for welding in all positions. Avesta Welding offers a full range of products for stainless steel welding.

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Flux Cored Wire

Flux cored arc welding, FCAW, is a flexible welding method that gives high deposition rates. It can be used in all welding positions and is extremely welder-friendly.

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Welding Flux

Avesta Welding supplies submerged arc welding fluxes for stainless steel wire and strip.

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Finishing Chemicals

Complementing the above, the company also has a range of cleaning and pickling products for stainless steels.

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