New Böhler Welding Product

Double Rutile Mild Steel 6013 Electrode

A double coated rutile electrode with excellent weldability.

BÖHLER FOX S ETI is manufactured under the globally renowned Böhler Welding production and quality standards.

As is characteristic of a double rutile electrode, BÖHLER FOX S ETI exhibits excellent weldability along with a high deposition rate.

The higher rutile content ensures that the electrode operates with a smooth arc and minimal spatter. In addition, this electrode deposits a finely rippled weld bead and is characterised by its self-detaching slag as well as its excellent re-striking properties. BÖHLER FOX S ETI is suitable for general fabrication of steels up to 420 MPa.

Product features

  • Exceptional weldability in all positions except vertical-down.
  • Self-detaching slag and extremely smooth weld beads.
  • Minimal spatter and excellent welding properties in AC.
  • High deposition rate.
  • Excellent re-striking characteristics, consistent arc stability and easy handling.
  • Versatile applications in trade and industry.